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A History of Hard Work and Community

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People have been living in this area for thousands upon thousands of years — earlier generations found troves of arrowheads and other evidence of prehistoric people. Eventually, Shoshone and Bannock tribes called this place home.

By the mid-19th century, a stage stop along Rock Creek provided a respite for travelers weary of riding through the desert. Dry land farmers arrived next, but it wasn’t until I.B. Perrine founded the Twin Falls Land and Water Company that the valley truly became magic. Thanks to a series of canals, the surrounding desert was transformed into the rich agricultural area that exists today. (Perrine Bridge is named after this founding father.)

Incorporated in 1905, Twin Falls has continued to attract people from around the world who thrive among its open landscapes, easy way of life, and economic opportunities.

Waterfall In Twin Falls

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Weather Highlights

Summer High

July high is around 89 degrees

Winter Low

January low is 20 degrees


Averages 10 inches of rain a year


Snow: Averages 18 inches of snow a year


Twin Falls is home to stunning geography. The impressive, deep Snake River Canyon forms the boundary line between Twin Falls and Jerome counties, and houses three waterfalls within its depths. The most famous, Shoshone Falls, is higher than Niagara. It reaches its peak in spring, after snowmelt swells the river and before the water is diverted to sustain the area’s thriving agriculture. The Snake River provides easy access to outdoor recreation such as fishing, rafting, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Twin Falls is within driving distance of the South Hills, City of Rocks, Thousand Springs Scenic Byway, and many other incredible places that beg for exploration.

Snake River Canyon

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